Using MyBizMobile™


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To register at MyBizMobile™, you will need to create a user ID. This will be the address of your card on the web, such as This needs to be unique and only contain letters and numbers. If you choose a name that is already taken, you will be alerted and then can select another available user ID.

Next, you can enter the actual details that will appear on the card. For example, your name, title and address. This information appears on the card as it is created. Don’t worry if you make a mistake or input details that may change: you can make any amendments later.

Then, you need to select a password that will allow you to log in to modify your card. The password should consist of letters and numbers and be between 8 and 20 characters. Enter the same password in both boxes to make sure it is correct.

Clicking Register will take you right through to viewing your card.

Logging in

Log in
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Next time you visit after registering your account, you will need to log in with the user name and password that you registered with. To do this, click "Log In" from the top of the Home Page, and enter the user name and passwords that you registered with.

Clicking on "Remember Me" will ensure that you do not need to re-enter the user name and password each time you return.

Editing Details

Edit details
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To change any of the details added to the card, double click on the area of the card where the name and address appears. Alternatively from the menu on the right hand side, choose "Edit Details". This will enable you to make changes to the content.

You can choose whether or not your email address will be shown on the card by ticking the "Show Email" box. Selecting this will also place an email link alongside the links for Telephone and SMS at the bottom of your card.

Changing Layout

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You can make changes to the display of the card by selecting "Layout" from the menu.

From the form brought up, either choose a design from the "Template" list, or make your own selection on typeface, type size, alignment, as well as choosing colours of the various elements.

Logo or Photograph

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To place either your company logo or photograph at the top of your card, double click the card at the top (if in portrait view) or left (if in landscape view). Alternatively, select "Logo/Photo" from the menu bar at the right of the window.

You will need a file in either jpg or png format for the logo or photo. If you are using a phone, you will have the option to select images from your personal camera roll as input or take a picture to instantly upload.

Once you have selected a file, it will be shown at the top right of the window. You may need to rotate the picture for correct orientation. Other options are available for image the placement and background.


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You can have links to your pages on social media sites appear on the card. To do so, just click on the "Links" option on the menu to the right of the screen. Here you will find options for putting in the link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Youtube page.

You will need to put in the full address as it appears in the address bar of your browser when viewing your page, for example

Any addresses that you enter will be displayed on your card as links once you click on update.


Once you are ready to make your card available to the rest of the world, just select "Activate" from the menu. This will take you to "Paypal", so you can set up an annual payment to MyBizMobile™ for your card subscription. For the first month, no fee will be charged, so if you wish to cancel within this period, you can do so through Paypal without any cost incurred.