What is MyBizMobile?

MyBiz Mobile began developing the innovative Digital Business Card in response to the challenge faced by both small traders and larger organisations in effectively communicating up-to-date contact information and business services in today’s digital marketplace.

Unlike the conventional business card (liable to be misplaced by clients/thrown in a drawer/printed with incorrect or out-of-date details), the functionality of the MyBiz Digital Business Card allows your clients to access your up-to-the-minute business details 24/7.

MyBiz Mobile have designed a web-based application which enables businesses to build and manage their own web card content to make them stand out from the crowd and be readily accessible to clients and business contacts.

Once the MyBiz Mobile Digital Business Card is stored on your customers’ smartphones, they can contact you with ease via the links you have created for phone/text/email/social media communications. Not only are contact options available to your clients, but they can also view your web pages if you choose to add a web page link.

The MyBiz Mobile Digital Business Card is simple to send and receive and can be sent numerous times a day. Even better, your customers and business contacts can share your card with others, cascading your details to many more potential customers.

With the MyBiz Digital Business Card, the opportunities for promoting and marketing your business are limitless.